I'm Jessie, and I'm the writer for SS Jess!

"You can't survive the running of the bulls if you never attend the running of the bulls." 

Age: 25
Hometown: The Golden Isles of Georgia
Currently living: Knoxville, TN
Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Professional Writing

Likes: the South, the beach, summer, traveling, seafood, italian food, breakfast food, home decor, dogs, being organized, yoga, red wine, elephants, small SUVs, writing 'thank you' notes, manners, cheerleading, football (Ohio State and Atlanta Falcons), baseball (Atlanta Braves), Gamma Phi Beta sorority

The Blog: SS Jess is my lifestyle and (aspiring) travel blog. Ideally, I'd love this space to be a full-time travel blog, but I'm young and broke, so I just don't have the means to travel 24/7 like I'd like to. So in between travel-related posts I blog about my life - all the current happenings and experiences. Hop aboard, and join me for the ride.

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