1000 Places

Ideally, my blog would be a full-time travel blog. Traveling is a huge passion of mine, and I aim to see this entire planet. A lot of that passion and desire to see the world came when I purchased this book back in 2011 during my sophomore year of college. Basically, 1000 Places To See Before You Die is a book full of the best our world has to offer. By region, this book covers everything you must see in the world from the bright lights of New York City, to the coast of Italy, to safaris in Africa, to diving at the Great Barrier Reef. It is a giant bucket list designed for the lifetime traveler. Despite the title, this book actually contains 1012 places to see in the world, and I want to see all of them. With my eagerness to explore originating with this book and then completely taking off and being almost uncontrollable after studying abroad in Berlin, I decided to start an ongoing series on my blog called "1000 Places" where I describe my personal experiences with every check mark I make in my big book of the world.

Because "1000 Places" is a huge focus of my blog, I figured I needed to create a page as a home base for this series where posts can be found easily. I hope y'all will appreciate this extra organization, and I hope it inspires you to go out and see the world! Below are links to pages for individual regions where you can then find links to actual posts of the places I've been.

And listed below are the places I've been before starting the blog. I simply don't have photos easily accessible to be able to write posts for these locations. But check out this post for quick descriptions; the post is also like my first official post in the "1000 Places" series.

Savannah's Historic District - Savannah, GA, US
Walt Disney World - Orlando, FL, US
Vail - Colorado, US
The Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas, NV, US
New York City - NY, US
The Appalachian Trail - GA to ME, US
Jackson Hole - WY, US
Grand Teton National Park - WY, US
Middle Fork of the Salmon River - ID, US
Hawai'i Island (Big Island) - HI, US
Kauai - HI, US

Official count:
39 of 1012 places

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