December 3, 2015

November Goal Recap

Another month, another goal recap. Let's not beat around the bush, so here we go...

+ Practice yoga every day. Well..... Ugh, I wanted to. I really did. But I just didn't make it happen. However, I'm still determined. My gym membership expired at the end of the month, so I won't have my class anymore, but I'm working to find time to still work out at home. And I'd like to do a mixture of yoga and pilates-esque exercises. I'm hoping this weekend to carve out some time to really "pencil in" times to work out as I end out the year.

+ Get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done. I actually did a good job here. A few Mondays ago, I took the day to really get some shopping done, and I'm nearly finished with all my shopping. Bryan is the only one I have left to still get some things for. But everyone else, I'm basically done. And on another Christmas/holiday note. This past weekend, Bryan and I with the help of my mom, who came up for Thanksgiving, got our apartment all decorated for Christmas. Christmas tree is decorated. Colored lights are wrapped around our porch railings. And holiday-scented candles are filling the air of our cozy, little home. I don't think, in all my 24 years, I have ever been all set up and ready to go for Christmas this early in the season, and I feel so accomplished.

+ Personal branding. I wanted to do more in this department, but I got caught up in holiday preparations, and this kind of goal isn't something you can just do quickly. It takes time and meaningful thought. But even though I didn't do much, I still took a personality test earlier in the month, and I was kinda obsessed with it for like three or four days. I made Bryan, my mom, my friends, and a couple coworkers all take the test to figure out their personality types. And I'm planning on doing a more in-depth post on this personality test later this month as part of a new series I'm hoping to put into action. (There I go promising to post more... But I really do promise this time.)

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