October 1, 2015

September Goal Recap

Happy October! I'm a summer girl through and through, but I do love fall. What I hate most about it is the fact that winter will follow, but I guess it's so unfair for me to judge autumn based on the horrific season that follows. Like, fall can't help that winter is literally the worst. But anyway, September goal recap... Here we go.

+ Continue exercising and making healthy choices. I don't think I've done terrible, honestly. I've still been hyper aware of what I'm eating and drinking, and I'm still going to the gym. I've even gotten Bryan to try some at-home AcroYoga with me. (If you haven't heard about it, check out the video at the end of this post. It's awesome.) But I'm also still struggling - mainly with meal prep. I really hate cooking, like more than anything. So having to do that all the time just to be healthy is not my idea of fun. I've got to get over it though. And I need to find really simple recipes that I can do quickly and with minimal clean-up afterward.

+ Finish this book I've started. No, lol. Maybe in October...

+ Start preparing for the holidays. Okay, first of all, September went by so fast. It actually surprised me that it was October 1st when I woke up this morning. And because of me totally losing track of time, I'm not as prepared as I was hoping to be. I did make a list of everyone I need to buy for this holiday season, and I have a slowly growing gift list for myself in my head. But that's as far as I've gotten. I still need to figure out my budget, and I really need to start writing things down. But I'm nearly positive all of that will happen this month.

And now, AcroYoga!

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