September 7, 2015

September Goals

Happy Labor Day, y'all! I can't believe it's the end of the summer. As much as I love fall, I absolutely detest what inevitably comes when it's over - winter. But I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that the warm weather continues to stick around and snow never, ever comes. Wishful thinking I'm sure...

So what are my goals going into the autumn season??

+ Continue exercising and making healthy choices. My 24 Day Challenge ends later this week, and I'm determined, come hell or high water, to stay focused and continue to make improvements to my lifestyle. I do not want to step on the scale in a month and realize I've gained back everything I've worked so hard to lose. I've got to keep my eyes on the prize.

+ Finish this book I've started. I started a new book last month, and I'm only three chapters in. I'm not totally into the story at the moment, but I just can't leave a book unfinished. I have no idea how people do that. So by October, I really want to have this book done and behind me.

+ Start preparing for the holidays. I'm sure you're thinking, "Jessie, seriously? It's only September." But hear me out. If there's one thing I really dislike, it's when people don't give me some sort of list of what they want for Christmas. Like, help me out, and tell me what you want, you know? So I do my best to have some ideas of what I want so I can tell people when they ask me. I try to be easy to shop for. And considering I have a birthday in November, I've got to think of extra stuff and have it ready sooner.

I also have a good friend's birthday coming up in November and her graduation in December. My step sister has a birthday the same week as Christmas. Not to mention Christmas gifts for everybody. I never want to go holiday broke and feel a ton of pressure at the last minute, so I need to start getting organized now to save me a headache later. (If you still think I'm crazy, you should try my technique and see just how much smoother the holiday season goes.) So this month I at least want to start getting my list together and make a list of who I need to buy for and what kind of budget I need to work with.

So there we have it. Hopefully September will be just as successful as August as far as goals are concerned.

What are you looking to accomplish as we get ready for autumn?

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