September 28, 2015

National Cathedral

I figured I'd finally post these last few photos from DC considering our trip was like, nearly four months ago. I'm not really sure why I've delayed in posting these. Most likely, it's because I hate editing pictures. But better late than never, right?

The National Cathedral is literally huge. As in, it's basically impossible to get a picture of the whole thing in one image. I felt so dwarfed by the sheer size of this place, and I hate that we weren't able to go inside. If I remember correctly, there was a graduation happening that afternoon, so they were busy prepping the space. OR it was because there was an admission fee that was a little bit more than I was willing to pay. OR it was both of these obstacles that cued me into the realization that I just wasn't meant to see the interior. I have a feeling it was option three. (And again, if I remember correctly, the admission fee was due to the earthquake on the East Coast a few years ago that actually caused damage to the cathedral. They needed funds to make the repairs.)

But thankfully, all good cathedrals have gardens, so we wandered around the grounds for a little bit before heading to a fantastic lunch down the street. Being that I love flowers, I was perfectly pleased with this game plan.

I could have sworn I took so many more photos here, but I guess not. I suppose I was too busy gushing over the plethora of blooms that I neglected my camera. But c'est la vie.

And that's a wrap for DC posts! Can you believe we actually made it to the end?! I thought this day would never come, haha

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