August 1, 2015

July Goal Recap

To keep it short and sweet, I'm proud of myself this month.

+ Stop chewing my fingers. I think I've done really well with this goal. Not perfect. But I'm happy with the progress I've made in regards to nail care. Maybe now I'll start focusing on my hair...

+ Do something new. Check! And I'm so excited to tell y'all about it. I still have some posts from Washington DC to share, but after that I'll be sharing my "something new" with y'all. A couple weekends ago, Bryan and I took a short road trip up to Lexington, Kentucky and did part of the famous Bourbon Trail. Such a cool experience, and we're hoping to head to Louisville soon to finish up the rest of the trail. Stay tuned for more! And a bonus: this was the first time I've been to Kentucky. So the Bourbon Trail AND a new state? I'd say that's TWO something news.

+ Continue to make time for me. *Sigh of relief* This is one of the most important goals I will always have for myself. And this month I really feel like I've gotten into a good groove. I've started reading for pleasure again. My parents and my dog came to visit this month. I joined a wine club. And we've had good pool weather. Life is good. Living with Bryan over the past year (omg, has it already been a year?!) has been a huge learning experience for me. But I feel like I've adapted well, and I feel like both of us, especially this summer, have really figured out how to live together without feeling like we're suffocating each other. And that is so comforting, ya know?

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