August 10, 2015

Great Falls

On our last full day in DC we decided to not go into DC. Instead, we ventured out to Great Falls. It always feels calming to get out in nature. To experience something like a set of waterfalls, crashing over rocks with no mercy, it puts things into perspective. It makes you realize just how small you are in this big world. It's humbling.

August 6, 2015

Lincoln Memorial

Visiting Stonehenge last summer was everything I ever imagined it would be. The Lincoln Memorial was the same. When you really like (read: are obsessed with) traveling, you see lots of pictures and do lots of research on the places you want to see. Though you may be well-read, it can come with its disadvantages because you set yourself up to have high expectations. And the higher your expectations, the more you allow the possibility of disappointment. Thankfully, the Lincoln Memorial did not disappoint.

August 3, 2015

August Goals

I have a bittersweet feeling toward August. I see it as the beginning of the end in many ways. Yes, it's still summer, but it's the last month of summer. What follows will be cooler weather and eventually, God forsaken winter. I dread winter. I could live my whole life without it. If I could, I'd chase summer around the globe. But alas, I can't. And I'm destined to live through yet another cold season. But for four more Mondays I'm determined to soak up every last bit of summer and accomplish a few monthly goals while I'm at it.

August 1, 2015

July Goal Recap

To keep it short and sweet, I'm proud of myself this month.