July 27, 2015

Washington Monument and WWII Memorial

After our first few days of hot and sunny weather, Mother Nature changed drastically. Like, serious attitude problem, y'all. And we got rain, rain, and more rain. It definitely threw a wrench in things. But you know, when in DC the monuments are a must, so we braved the rain and saw those landmarks that are so iconically DC and America - the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

The Washington Monument was our first stop. And it's frappin' huge. I've decided I'm really terrible at judging the size of things when I see them in pictures. I almost always assume objects are smaller than they appear. Not true in this case. The Washington Monument can be seen from just about anywhere in DC, and when you're standing next to it, you feel as though you must be an ant.

Actually, it's probably a good thing it was raining because had it been sunny, the Washington Monument probably would have been my Big Ben of DC. I would have taken ALL of the pictures.

After the Washington Monument, we made our way to the Lincoln Memorial but stopped first at the World War II Memorial, which sits conveniently between the two. And a very cool memorial, indeed.

My favorite feature was the pillars. There is a pillar for every state and even our territories (if I remember correctly). We, along with all the other visitors of the memorial, wandered around until we found our home state's pillar and snapped a picture. Of course my aunt, uncle, and cousin did the famous O-H-I-O with the Ohio pillar.

And then it was on to the Lincoln Memorial with a stroll along the Reflection Pool. Check back later for a post from the Lincoln Memorial!

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