June 29, 2015

Capital and Library of Congress

So first of all I just want to point out that my photos lose all quality when I upload them to the blog. This is something that I'm going to have to address because it's just not cool to share such mediocre photos with y'all. I promise they don't look this bad before I upload. But anyway... we did tours of both the Capital building and the Library of Congress. And I'll tell you right now that the Capital building tour left a lot to be desired.

I guess I was just expecting to see more. It's like being teased with a cookie and only being able to have a small bite. It also didn't help that the Capital is undergoing construction, which is evident in the two pictures above and below. And on that note, I really hate construction. I understand it has to be done ever so often so we can enjoy these buildings for years to come; it just sucks when this kind of stuff is happening during your visit. Obviously, it can't be helped, but it's still an eye sore.

So with that said, do you have any tips on photographing construction sites? I did my best to still take pictures, but I had a hard time with my "vision" with so much scaffolding and whatnot blocking my view. I'd love some thoughts on "how to be one with construction."

But even though the Capital lacked some awe, the Library of Congress was totally cool. That's a terrible way to describe it, but I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Library of Congress. There's just a lot of neat stuff there. And I know I typically say "no" to group tours, but my opinion is the exact opposite when it comes to the Library. Get a tour with a tour guide. We learned so much from our guide, and I know our experience wouldn't have been near as informative had we just waltzed in our own and looked around without any guidance.

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