March 23, 2015


nostalgia (n):
a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time

Weather tends to remind me of certain places. Hot, humid days remind me of home and being close to the beach. And being at home reminds me of childhood. And then cool, fall mornings remind me of my youth, growing up, and being in elementary school. I also have "Disney World" days, which are hard to describe, but it has to do with a cool morning that you know will lead to a hot day; there's also a specific scent in the air. 

And now I have weather that reminds me of England, and the past few days have been just that. It's comfortably cool, and the weather will climb to a perfect 70 degrees by late afternoon. There's no humidity. It's close to how every day was last summer while my mom and I were exploring London. And while I'm applying my makeup I'm instantly transported to the bathroom in our little flat in Kensington, and walking to my car is reminiscent of walking to the train station at Earls Court. The weather these past few days has been so eerily similar to our English adventure that I briefly forget that I'm in Tennessee, and I'm finding myself with massive cravings for bangers n mash and a giant clock.

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