March 30, 2015

March Goal Recap

Is it just me, or did the month of March drag on for ages? This has been the longest month ever, y'all. But the good thing is that it's over now, and we are solidly in the spring season! Now I've got to start working on my tan so I don't blind people with my paleness this summer. But anyway, goal recap:

+ Stop chewing/peeling/picking at my nails. Success achieved. This has been one of my worst habits, but I think I've finally broke it. The beginning of the month was difficult, but now I don't even think about my nails. After the first week of forcing myself not to mess with them, I stopped feeling that urge. Now I'm just waiting for my nails, cuticles, and pretty much all the skin around my nails to heal and look nice and healthy again. But at least the hard part of breaking the habit is behind me.

+ Practice yoga at least three times a week. Like I said earlier this month, I think I've done myself one better as far as this goal is concerned. This month I started following the workout videos of YouTube fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, and I'm feeling good. I haven't gotten super consistent yet; I'm still trying to figure out how to fit working out into my schedule regardless of what else I have going on. But the good thing is I'm making an effort, and after a month I still have my motivation. I got a couple new swimsuits from Target this weekend, and I'm determined to look good in them come summertime. Moving into April, I'm hoping to get consistent and really focus on what I'm eating - making better choices and controlling my portions.

But despite accomplishing my goals for this month, I've kinda lost focus on my past goals. I only made two goals this month because I wanted to continue to focus on goals from January and February, but I fell short. I missed two postings this month here on SS Jess; my receipts have once again piled up, and my wallet is bursting at the seams; I haven't journaled; and I've only been drinking one glass of water (if that) a day for the past couple weeks. Talk about disappointing... But, you know, April is a new month, and it's a chance for me to try again. No one ever said change would be easy, so I'm just going to keep my head and keep moving forward.

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