February 23, 2015

Fine Leather Goods? Treat Yo Self!

If you couldn't already tell from my Galentine's Day post that I love Parks and Rec, well, I love Parks and Rec. And along with Galentine's Day, Treat Yo Self Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays of the year. It's official date is October 13, but of course, it's perfectly acceptable to treat yo self whenever you see fit. On Valentine's Day, I was ready to treat myself to something I had been saving for for over two years - the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Two years, y'all! This handbag has been on my wish list for over two years. Out of no where, all of my favorite fashion bloggers began featuring the Neverfull on their blogs, and I immediately fell in love. The shape, the size, the usefulness... this bag spoke to me, and I knew I had to have it. The problem was that it's a Louis Vuitton, and HELLO it's expensive. This wasn't something I could simply ask my mom to buy for me, so I knew that if I wanted it I was going to have to save my own money.

I didn't have a job through college, and I wasn't about to dip into the money I already had in my savings to indulge in a luxury item. In my eyes, that just wouldn't have been responsible. So for my coming birthdays, Christmases, and college graduation I put aside money for this handbag. By the time I graduated from college, I had saved nearly half the cost. Then, once I found my retail job at the end of October last year, I put away part of my paycheck every week to save for the remaining half. And at the beginning of this month, I FINALLY had enough saved to buy my dream bag.

Moral of the story: it took me a long time to save for my Neverfull. At times I got impatient and irritated that I couldn't buy it right away, but I remained focused and determined, and I continued to save. I am by no means rich, and even though my mom helps me out, I would never ask her to buy me a luxury item. If I want nice things, I know I need to buy them for myself, and I know the only way I can afford seemingly expensive things is if I save.

Anyone, regardless of your job and how much money you make, can afford to have nice things. You just might have to be a little more patient than the Donald Trumps of our world to get them. I firmly believe in the power of saving money, and with focus and self-discipline, you can save for anything. Whether it's a Louis Vuitton or a plane ticket to Europe, as long as you save for it, you can buy it. Even if it's just $10, putting away a little of every paycheck will begin to add up over time, and eventually you'll find yourself with enough money to treat yo self to something you've always wanted. And you won't bankrupt yourself in the process!

So figure out what you want, figure out how much it costs, and start saving today. And one day you'll be able to 


  1. Congrats on finally getting it. I remember you blogging about this purse years ago ... maybe even on Tumblr? Anyway, it's so cute !

  2. Oh, God. Really?! I don't doubt it though haha