February 26, 2015

February Goal Recap

The end of February has brought a ton of frustration. Snow, snow, and more snow! This summer-loving beach girl is NOT a fan of snow, but Mother Nature has covered Knoxville with it for the past two weeks. Literally, y'all. I have not seen the ground for two weeks, and it's miserable. Thank God March is almost here. I desperately need some spring weather. Anyway, here's how I did on my goals this month.

February 23, 2015

Fine Leather Goods? Treat Yo Self!

If you couldn't already tell from my Galentine's Day post that I love Parks and Rec, well, I love Parks and Rec. And along with Galentine's Day, Treat Yo Self Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays of the year. It's official date is October 13, but of course, it's perfectly acceptable to treat yo self whenever you see fit. On Valentine's Day, I was ready to treat myself to something I had been saving for for over two years - the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

February 19, 2015

The Mansion at Fontanel

Last weekend, Bryan and I made a day trip to Nashville, TN. The intent of the trip was so I could treat myself to something I've been wanting for years, which I'll tell y'all about next week, but we also took the opportunity to explore a little bit of the Tennessee capital as well.

February 16, 2015

5 Things You Must Do When Visiting London (That Aren't Actually in London)

Visiting London last summer was a major life highlight. My mom and I still talk about how much we miss the city and the train system and bangers n mash. And I'm sure we'll continue to talk about our trip with a ton of enthusiasm for years and years to come. But even though London is full of life and things to do, it would be a shame to visit the city without taking time to explore the surrounding towns and attractions. So today, I'm sharing with you five things to do when visiting London that aren't actually in London. Enjoy!


February 12, 2015

Galentine's Day! (and how to celebrate it)

As much as I really hate winter, I can't deny that some pretty great things happen in February. And Galentine's Day has to be one of my absolute favorite parts of the shortest month of the year. People always have something to say about Valentine's Day, good or bad, (And to be totally honest, it gets on my nerves. I can't help but roll my eyes dramatically when someone complains about the good ole day of love.) but I don't think anyone can argue with Galentine's Day. If you haven't watched the video above by now, then take a pause and click play.

Parks & Recreation has literally got to be one of my favorite TV shows (series finale is in two weeks, and I'm literally dying), and literally every character is my spirit animal. I can literally relate to everybody from Leslie to Ron to April to Donna. LITERALLY, Y'ALL! And because the show just speaks to me, I've naturally adopted some aspects from it to my own life. Galentine's Day is one of those things. Because it's wonderful, and it should be a national holiday.

So today, I've decided to give y'all some ideas for celebrating your lady friends. You've got 24 hours to call up your best girls and plan something special to recognize just how perfect your friendship is. I know I already sent my Quad (shoutout to Becca, Kayla, and Lauren) some little goodies through the USPS to let them know that I love them so.

February 9, 2015

The Truth about All-Inclusive Resorts

Before heading off to an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas, I had a lot of uncertainty. I like to think I'm a good traveler, someone who can immerse herself in another culture and can genuinely appreciate what other places in the world can offer. All-inclusive resorts, I feel, have a reputation for covering up the exact things I love so much about travel - the local people, the local way of living, the local quirks, and the genuine beauty of a particular part of the world. This is exactly why I'd never been to a resort before December and why I had no interest in doing so.

But after arriving at the resort and enjoying it for four days of relaxation, I realized that my preconceived notions didn't describe the whole truth about all-inclusive resorts. I could see where these ideas about resorts were formed, but I was also shown why you can't always believe the blanket statements of stereotypes. So here's the whole truth about all those opinions we have about resorts.

February 5, 2015

Winter Jams

I haven't done a music post in a while, but I keep hearing all of these awesome songs, and they just need to be heard. The music videos, on the other hand, don't really need to be watched. I have no idea what they're trying to show anyhow. I swear music videos have become so unrelated to the songs in recent years. Like what are you singing that I am not hearing, ya know? Or the video is WAY too serious. Nowadays, I think I'd just rather listen to the song and never watch the video that accompanies it. Anyway, have a listen, and enjoy your weekend!

February 2, 2015

February Goals

It's the start of a new month, which means I'm focusing on my second set of goals for the year. Last month I did pretty well with my goals, and I'm hoping February will follow suit. So here they are - February goals: