January 22, 2015


Some of my best memories from the Bahamas took place as the sun faded below the horizon. I'm not sure if it was simply the sheer excitement of being somewhere different that made it so beautiful, but I swear the sun sets prettier over the islands. There's something about "island time" and being able to do nothing but sit on the beach and watch the sky be painted an assortment of cotton candy colors while sipping on a glass of wine. There are no trees to obstruct your view - no power lines, no skyscrapers, no lights from buildings diminishing the brilliance of nature. It's magical to be able to watch a sunset in that kind of atmosphere - being able to gaze out across the ocean, uninterrupted.

I swear half of my pictures from our four days at Sandals are of the waves and ocean at sunset. To be able to watch the sun and moon swap places is a gift from God, and I did all that I could to capture it so I could keep those moments with me forever.

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