January 15, 2015

Sandals Cay

One of the great things about Sandals Royal Bahamian is the private off-shore island, Sandals Cay. You can see the island from the resort, but it definitely feels like a completely different part of the Bahamas. It's quiet, relaxing, and secluded - a perfect combination in my opinion. Bryan and I spent a day on the island, and I swear I could have fallen asleep and spent the night out there. It was just that peaceful.

The island is small, so it's very easy to explore the whole thing. We spent time on both beaches and by the pool, and we had lunch at Stew Fish while we were there. The only other thing I would have loved to do but didn't was get a massage in one of Red Lane Spa's tiki huts. I just know it would have been heavenly, but since this was a prize trip, we really weren't prepared to pay for much of anything out of our own pockets, and the Red Lane Spa is an added expense. Anyhow, Sandals Cay is definitely worth your time if you ever stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian, and please get a massage for me while you're there.

1 One of the beaches on Sandals Cay // 2 Bryan and me // 3 The path leading around the island. The pool and restaurant are at one end, and the spa is at the other end with romantic huts scattered in between the two. // 4 Swing set // 5 The other beach on the island // 6 The island has plenty of trees for shade, which adds to the secluded feeling. Beach chairs and tiki huts are also spaced out, so you have plenty of space to just be. // 7 Lounging by the pool with a swim-up bar and Stew Fish restaurant // 8 Seagull perched on the dock // 9 Bryan braving the cold water

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