January 12, 2015

Over New Year's

During New Year's week, I was magically not scheduled for a single shift at work, so Bryan and I decided to make the 8-hour drive down to my hometown and spend six days with my family. This Christmas was my first big holiday that I had to spend without my family, so naturally it was a little emotional for me. And after Christmas I really wanted to get home but just had no idea when I'd be able to next. Not getting scheduled at work, although it means having a very small paycheck, was a total blessing, and I'm so glad life worked out that I was able to get some R&R at home.

And while I was home, some really great things happened!

1. I got to see my dog. Y'all, I love my dog, and I miss him all the time. Living in an apartment is one of the hardest things because it means I can't have a fur baby. I can't wait to have a real job and a house with a backyard so I can get a pup.

2. I introduced Bryan to raw oysters! Remember my "23 Before 23" post? And remember the recap post I did last month? Well I just checked off one of the small goals I never accomplished. Bryan had actually tried raw oysters one time before and didn't really like them, but when my stepdad brought home a fat sack Bryan decided to give oysters one more shot, and this time he actually liked them! He wasn't too crazy about the big, slimy ones, but he was all over the smaller ones paired with a saltine cracker and tobasco sauce. Success!

3. I was able to watch Ohio State kick Alabama's butt with my mom! My love for Ohio State comes from my mom's family, so being able to watch the game with another Buckeye fan was sweet. And the win was even sweeter! Living in the South, I get blessed out by SEC fans for not rooting for the SEC, and I get even more hatred when people find out I'm an Ohio State fan. I'm told all the time that Ohio State sucks and that we couldn't hang in the SEC. We'd get mutilated by the likes of Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and everyone else. But this game! THIS GAME, Y'ALL! I get the last laugh with this one, and I can't wait for the National Championship tonight against Oregon. GO BUCKS!


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