January 5, 2015

January Goals

Every year I make new year's resolutions. In the past I've always done your typical list of goals for the year, but last year I changed it up and simply had a "Word of the Year." This year I'm changing it up again. For 2015 I've decided to do

monthly goals.

I like having new year's resolutions, but it seemed like whenever I made resolutions for the whole year I would tend to either forget or stop caring about certain resolutions that I made. Or I'd continue to put off accomplishing my goals because I kept thinking "I have a whole year to do this, so I don't need to do it today." And then December would come around, and I'd have only accomplished a small portion of my resolutions. So last year I decided to simply have one word that I would keep in mind throughout the year, and my intention was to always act in pursuit of that word. And I liked having a word of the year, but many times I felt like I wasn't pushing myself hard enough or that I maybe settled for okay instead of outstanding. 

With monthly goals, I'm hoping I'll accomplish more because I'll have shorter deadlines to accomplish a smaller amount of goals, and by doing this each month I'll be able to keep my goals relevant to what is happening in my life. So with that said, I give you my goals for January:

+ Apply to at least 10 jobs. 
I really wanted to find a real world job after graduating last year, and the fact that I'm only working part-time in a clothing store in the mall is a little embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, and the women I work with are awesome. But as someone who has a degree, I desperately want to be doing more and putting my years of college (and tuition) to good use. I want to feel proud to tell people what I'm doing now that I'm done with college.

+ Get consistent with blogging by posting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
I hate that blogging has become so secondary to me lately. I still regularly read my favorite blogs, but I have definitely slacked on my own posting. I want my blog to be something - a real platform for my own personal brand. That's just not going to happen when I only post content two or three times a month, and I'm sure it drives my handful of loyal followers up the wall. So this month I really want to focus on producing new content for my little corner of the Web.

+ Keep up with my budget by updating my spreadsheet at least three times a week.
When I first moved to Knoxville I created a budget spreadsheet to keep up with my spending and to start being more financially responsible. So far I've done well by keeping all of my receipts and (eventually) plugging the numbers into my spreadsheet, but for the past month or so I haven't bothered to update anything. Receipts are pouring out of my wallet, and I honestly have no idea what I spent for the month of December. I need to change that and get back on track. I need to update the spreadsheet and keep it updated from here on out.

What are your new year's resolutions? What's your favorite goal-setting method?
Drop me a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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