January 30, 2015

January Goal Recap

The month of January has come and gone! Hallelujah! This month has felt like it has dragged on for the longest time, so I am beyond excited for it to be over. Just one more month of cold before we're into the "spring months" as I like to call them. I'm hoping we'll make it without any snow, but that might just be wishful thinking. We'll see... Anyway, goal recap! Like I said at the beginning of the month, instead of doing an all-encompassing word like I did last year or your typical list of resolutions for the whole year, for 2015 I have decided to do monthly goals. So far it's been a great decision, and I think it's the perfect way for me to keep myself motivated and moving forward, accomplishing all that I want to accomplish.

So here's how I did this month...

+ Apply to at least 10 jobs. 

This is the one goal I didn't really accomplish. I did apply to six jobs, but the goal was 10 at the minimum. And this is hard for me because I feel like the effort was there. You see, when I first moved up here and started looking for jobs I was applying to just about everything remotely relevant to PR. And before I started working at my retail job I was getting kinda desperate and ended up applying to a ton of office assistant and receptionist positions. Then, once the holidays got here I decided to take a break from job applications. I wanted to get through the season in retail in one piece, and I didn't want to run the risk of going to interviews and having to give all this time I wouldn't be able to work because I already had plans. It just made more sense to take a break and wait for the new year.

So the new year came, and I made this goal, but I also made a conscious decision to not apply to any and everything. I was only going to apply to jobs that I really wanted, that I got excited about, that really had to do with PR. And that's exactly what I've done. Unfortunately, the supply is not really meeting my demand. Not going to lie, it's a little discouraging. Especially when it seems like everyone in my circle is somehow finding work. Needless to say, this is a sour topic for me. I'm trying my damnedest to stay positive, but y'all, job hunting really sucks.

So moving on to the positives...

+ Get consistent with blogging by posting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

I'm beyond happy with myself for getting back in the blogging world. Blogging is a huge creative outlet for me, and finally getting consistent and moving my blog forward is a great feeling. Along with posting twice a week, I also have posts sitting in my drafts, and every post this month has been scheduled ahead of time. On the ball is an understatement. I've said it a million times; in my perfect world, this blog would be a business for me. Monetized, relevant, engaging, and trustworthy. Getting consistent with posting and content creation is step one to my overall goal. So far so good...

+ Keep up with my budget by updating my spreadsheet at least three times a week.

I'd say I accomplished this but not in the way that I originally intended. The whole purpose for this goal was to simply keep my budget spreadsheet up-to-date and to keep receipts from piling up in my wallet. The thing is, though, I don't really buy stuff very often. I can always count on a grocery trip and a Starbucks or two each week, but other than that I just don't spend money. So moral of the story, I don't need to go through my receipts and update my spreadsheet three times a week. Once a week is usually enough for me, maybe twice if I have a day like Bryan's birthday (which was last week) where I spent more than I normally would have otherwise. But the purpose of this goal was to stay on top of my receipts and spreadsheet, and I have this month. So goal accomplished.

Overall, I'm happy with myself this month. Despite the negatives of job hunting, everything else has gone my way, and that's something to celebrate. I totally deserve a glass of wine. I'm feeling good about this "monthly goals" idea, and I'm hoping February will be another month of success. (And hopefully better luck in the job world...)

How're your new year's resolutions going so far?
Drop me a comment; I'd love to hear from you!


  1. So excited for more blog posts ! And I definitely feel you on the job hunting situation. Finding a legal job that I actually want for this coming summer is proving to be more than challenging. Good luck :)


  2. Oh God it's a nightmare. Good luck to you, too!