January 26, 2015

Bahamas Film

Doing water activities often means no camera for me considering I don't have waterproof cases for my DSLR or my phone. So the only other option is to go for a good ole trusty waterproof disposable film camera. Thankfully the resort sold them, so I bought one to take with us when we went paddle boarding, and I got some shots of us relaxing in the (freezing) crystal clear water.

Paddle boarding is one of the many water sport activities that Sandals offers for free with your booking, and I really wanted to try it. But of course it was really hard. I think Bryan and I were both surprised at just how hard it is to stand up on these boards. We both had our share of major wipeouts. Thankfully, I got the hang of it after a handful of falls and was able to stay on my feet. Bryan, on the other hand, eventually gave up on trying to stand and just stayed seated while paddling. (Watching him fall time after time was actually quite hilarious.)

We also went snorkeling, which was a major highlight of our stay in the Bahamas. However, we didn't buy a camera before diving in with the fish, so the photo above is one of many attempted shots of fish while we were knee-deep in the water off the beach. This is actually the only picture that we managed to get of a fish. The rest of the pictures are just blue...

And this wraps up my posts from the Bahamas! I hope you've enjoyed the words and photos, and I hope I maybe opened your eyes to the world of all-inclusive resorts. I feel like most people feel very strongly one way or the other about resort travel, and I'm thinking about doing some posts in the future about the differences and the pros and cons. All in all, Bryan and I were so pleased with our stay at Sandals, and we would definitely consider doing the resort thing in the future. Getting away from reality and winter, for even just 4 days, was exactly what the doctor ordered, and we had an amazing time!

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