December 16, 2014

23 Before 23: Recap

Remember this post from yesteryear? If you're sitting there saying "oh yeah!" just know that I'm joining you. It's not that I necessarily forgot about all the goals I made for my 22nd year (though I did forget quite a few), it's that I didn't really make them a priority once I hit "publish" for that post. I got wrapped up in other things, and I found myself going with the flow much more than I had planned for with those goals. But upon request, I've decided to put together a little recap for those of you who are interested in what I managed to accomplish. Prepare to be underwhelmed...

Let's start with the things I didn't do in the slightest but am also not that upset about:

- Cook 5 new dinner recipes by myself. So I might not have done this exactly as I've said it, but since Bryan and I moved in together we've made cooking important, and we've created some great dishes so far. So I consider this a half-accomplishment.
- Sign up for and participate in a mud run or color run. Lol to me thinking I'd actually do anything that remotely required exercise.
- Introduce Bryan to raw oysters. I made this as a goal thinking the two of us would be visiting my home and that my stepdad would do up some oysters for us. Simply didn't happen.
- Go to a wine tasting. Okay, so maybe I didn't go to a formal wine tasting. But I did taste a lot of wine. That's got to count for something.
- Join a Gamma Phi Beta alumnae chapter. I made this goal assuming there would be an alumnae chapter in my area. But alas, Knoxville is alumnae chapter-less. But hopefully after these Knoxville years I'll make this happen.
- Attend a blogger's convention. This just comes down to convenience. I didn't do any research on conventions in my area, and even if there were conventions I could have attended, I'm not sure I would have made the time. I've also really fallen off the blogging train in general, but that deserves it's own post entirely.
- Read all the unread books sitting around my apartment. I honestly thought I'd make more time to read once I graduated, but I simply didn't. But I did read one book for the record. It was a Nicholas Sparks novel, and I don't care what anyone says, I thoroughly enjoyed all the tears I shed.
- Attend a regular season Falcons home game. Money and time, money and time. There just wasn't a time when I had the money.
- Buy my mom something with my own money. The key here is "my own money." This goal would have only been possible if I had found a big girl job, which leads me to...

Things I didn't accomplish but wish I had and are still on my must-do list:

- Find a full-time big girl job. Truth be told, I've been very lucky in the past when it comes to finding work without difficulty. When I wanted a part-time job sophomore year, I found one. When I wanted internships, I found them. And with little to no rejection I might add. But job hunting in the real world is a totally different story. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect entry level job that will send me straight to millionaire life, but until then I'm earning my money with another part-time retail job. I love the ladies I work with, and I don't mind going to work, but the last thing I want is to be a sales associate for the rest of my life. Hopefully the new year will bring new opportunities.
- Sign up for frequent flyer miles. I actually didn't realize how many plans existed out there and the millions of combinations of benefits different plans had. There's simply a lot to choose from, and I haven't found the time to really research my options and choose something that would work best for me. But this is still something I want to do, and once I accomplish my other goals with higher priority I'll find my perfect plan.
- Check off 15 new places. I actually don't remember how many places I checked off during 22, but I feel like it was closer to 10 than 15. I still saw some beautiful and new places though, so even though I didn't make the number, I did make the memories by far. Another half-accomplishment!
- Open a savings account specifically for travel. This goal also hinged on me finding a big girl job, and hopefully I'll open my account once I'm getting big girl paid. However, I'm finding that I have other priorities, so this might not happen and be effective until a few more years down the line. At the moment, I'm finding myself to be more concerned with saving for a future wedding. NO! I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I want to avoid taking out loans and settling for second best when my big day finally does happen.

And finally, the things I actually did:

- Earn my Bachelor's. Hellooooooo, bachelor of science in communication with a concentration in public relations and a minor in professional writing. #mouthful
- Visit a new country. Do you not remember my England trip, which literally took like two months for me to blog about?
- Create a working budget. I did! I'm still learning the best way for me to manage my finances, but I'm keeping track of my spending and doing as much as I can to stay within my means. Spreadsheets are life, y'all.
- Go skydiving. Check.
- Invest in a quality luggage set. Okay, so I don't have a full luggage set. But my mom and I did purchase new suitcases for our trip to England. Mine's very big and obviously will only be used for big trips, but it's a start. My next piece that I want to find is true carry-on.
- Buy my LV Neverfull. Anyone who hangs out with me knows I have been coveting a Louis Vuitton Neverfull for like two and a half years, and I've been saving for it ever since. I still haven't bought it, but I'm close to my savings goal, and I'm hoping to be able to purchase it next month. Cue the shrieking.
- Clean out my closet. Another check. Over the summer I donated a ton of old clothes to GoodWill and Plato's Closet, and when I moved out of my Kennesaw apartment, I sent my mom home with a bunch of clothes I don't wear but am also not planning on getting rid of just yet. And thank God I did because our closet in Knoxville is small.
- Keep my plants alive. Yay! I actually ended up moving my larger plant home for my mom to take care of because it was just too big for apartment living. But my smaller one is still doing great, and Bryan and I got an aloe plant once we got to Knoxville, which has been awesome because I'm always burning myself on the stove and oven.
- Find a charity. I haven't actually donated anything yet, but I'm officially making the Alzheimer's Association my charity of choice. I also want to support Girls on the Run and the Beagle Freedom Project. Giving back is important, y'all. I say we all make an effort to give back when we can. Here, here!
- Stop worrying about making mistakes. I still worry. I think that's human nature. But I'm not as nervous for the future as I was back in the spring before graduation. I know I'm going to mess up sometimes, but whatever! ya know? It happens. C'est la vie.

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  1. Um, yes! I'd love to head to the tropics. I will let you know if/when I decide to bite the bullet and go.