November 21, 2014


On the first Saturday of November, Bryan and I decided to drive over to Gatlinburg for the day. Bryan found an Oktoberfest event at Ober Gatlinburg (ski resort in Gatlinburg) online, and we wanted to check it out and see if it could help us relive the glory days of our time in Berlin.
Honestly, it was a bust. I hate saying that because I try my hardest to see the good in everything, but this "Oktoberfest" showed up so below our expectations. We were expecting a big event with all visitors coming for the Oktoberfest celebrations and lots of excitement and German goodness. What we got was store-bought decorations, very unauthentic German cuisine, and a bunch of people who had Oktoberfest furthest from their minds. Definitely not the celebration we were hoping for. But bad weather came through the night before dropping tons of snow on the town of Gatlinburg, which also left the ski lodge at Ober Gatlinburg powerless throughout the morning and inaccessible by road. It was also the last weekend of the event, which may have contributed to the anticlimactic beer fest. All in all, maybe it was just a bunch of uncontrolled factors that caused "Oktoberfest" to be a dud, but next year, I don't think we'll return to give it another shot.

But after the let down, we didn't want to just drive back to Knoxville. We drove an hour and a half and paid for lift tickets to go to the event, so we weren't ready to leave with so much to be desired. Instead, we decided to head back down the mountain to wander around Gatlinburg and have dinner, which completely lifted our spirits. We found a great sports bar and ventured into a few shops while, dare I say, enjoying the snow and freezing temperatures. Our evening gave our little day trip a total face lift and had us smiling once we headed home. I can see now why Gatlinburg is so popular in the height of ski season.

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