October 9, 2014


I mentioned several months ago that Bryan had won a trip to the Caribbean, and we were debating between Antigua and St Lucia as our destination of choice. We ended up choosing St Lucia, and we have been beyond excited to head to the island in December. BUT things have changed, and we've ultimately had to change our location. Instead of St Lucia, we'll now be spending four days and three nights in the Bahamas.

This has been a tough pill for me to swallow, which is why I haven't mentioned anything even though we've known about this change for a month now. We booked our room on St Lucia back in May and were then told we had to wait until September to book our flights. Even though the planner in me hated waiting, I figured since it was so easy to book our room at our first choice resort that the flight would be no problem. I couldn't have been more wrong. After a ton of back and forth with a Sandals representative, we ended up having to change our resort and our preferred dates. (Talk about an incredibly restricting contract with Sandals' prize airline of choice.) Such a bummer!

It's hard for me to say how disappointed I am because I know it sounds so whiny and ungrateful. After all, Bryan won a free trip to an all-inclusive resort! How bad is that in the big scheme of things, ya know? And I am still excited to go to the Bahamas. I am. We're still going in December, and it's going to be great to get to a beautiful beach before the winter completely kills my soul. And this will be mine and Bryan's first trip, just the two of us, and it's going to be an international trip. AND this will be Bryan's first time to the Bahamas. There really isn't much to be unhappy about.

I'm just disappointed because I had my heart set on St Lucia. It's not something many people know about me, but St Lucia is THE Caribbean island I want to visit more than anything else, and after thinking for an entire summer that I'll be going there before the end of year, it just kinda sucks to know that I won't be. And then we had to change to the Bahamas, the one island I've already been to. Woe is me, right?

But I've kinda gotten over it. I think I'll just stay bitter about St Lucia until I finally get there, but I'm looking on the bright side, and I am excited to visit this resort and spend some time in the Bahamas. I mean, we're getting to go there for free! The resort has it's own private island. I have the potential to swim with a dolphin. (!!!) And this part of the Bahamas will be new to me. When I went a few years ago I stayed on Treasure Cay and did some island hopping around the Abacos; this resort is not on Treasure Cay or in the Abacos. So all in all, it's something we're both looking forward to, and I am counting down the days (only 70 left) until we leave!

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