October 3, 2014

Labor Day

I finally finished blogging about mine and my mom's two-week trip to England! I'm still kinda shocked that it took me nearly three months to go through all my pictures and share my experiences with y'all. Definitely did not mean for it to take that long, but you know, whatevs.

So flashing back to a month ago - Labor Day weekend. Bryan's parents invited us and Bryan's brothers to their lake house for the holiday, so naturally we took them up on that offer. I, for one,  have been water deprived ever since moving to Atlanta four years ago for school, and I just made it worse for myself by moving to Tennessee. So I jump at any chance I get to be close to the shore, whether it's the ocean or a lake in South Carolina.

I was just starting to come off my travel high from England, so being able to get away for just a weekend was a perfect solution. And the drive there and back was phenomenal. Georgia is flat, and the main interstates offer little in terms of gorgeous views and excitement. But our drive from Knoxville to the lake house was surrounded by mountains and tunnels, and I swear that 5-hour drive took maybe 30 minutes it seemed. Always something to look at.

Bryan and one of his brothers also invited some friends to join us for the weekend, so we had plenty to do despite our boat breaking down the day we got there. Such a bummer! I was really looking forward to some tubing, but you know, c'est la vie. We still got to enjoy the lake with our abundance of floats and noodles. I think the only negative to whole weekend was when I broke my toe! Yes, I broke my toe... It hurt so bad, y'all, and a month later it still hurts a little when it gets bumped. Thankfully, I think it's healing nicely, and hopefully it'll be good as new in the next couple weeks.

As for Knoxville, it's going well. I feel like we're finally adjusted and into a groove. It's football season, so most of our weekends are geared around the games, but we're hoping to really start exploring Tennessee soon. That's one thing that both of us were super excited about after Bryan got accepted to UT - being able to live in an all new area. We've both only ever lived in Georgia, so living in a new state opens up so many new opportunities to see the beautiful US of A.

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