September 9, 2014

British Museum + Trafalgar Square

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Just a quick post today as I'm coming down with a head cold and don't feel like doing anything but lying in bed and watching HGTV. But this is all perfect timing as I don't have many photos to share from this day in London either.

We spent the first half of our day at the British Museum (pictured above) wandering throughout the dozens of rooms filled with all the treasures of the world. There is so much to see in this museum, and it's impossible and overwhelming to see it all in one day. And neither my mom nor I are big art people, so we weren't aiming to spend our entire day here. Instead, after entering the museum we grabbed a map and circled all the rooms we wanted to see and simply skipped the ones we weren't interested in. It was a good strategy, too, because I came away from this museum feeling like I had seen every single significant piece of history that human civilization has to offer. We spent our time in the Egyptian and Greek rooms, the mummy exhibit, the jade exhibit, and a little bit in the Chinese room. We also saw one of the Easter Island statues, which was a highlight for me as I'm incredibly fascinated with Easter Island. My mom and I also really liked the mummies. There were so many, y'all! Even if you're not really into museums like me, I still suggest taking half a day to explore one of the many museums London has to offer. I'm glad we picked the British Museum because it's basically all-encompassing. It gives you a little taste of everything, which is exactly what we were looking for. Just be patient with the crowds when you visit.

After the museum we headed to Trafalgar Square just to check it out and spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy. This was our second to last day of our trip and our last day in actual London. By this time we felt like we had really seen all that we wanted to see, and we were about exhausted, so taking a step back and simply enjoying our day was our main goal.

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