August 6, 2014


While making our way to Stonehenge, Vic took us to a small town called Avebury.
Avebury is similar to Stonehenge in that this little village is surrounded by these iconic, massive stones. The stones are arranged in circles - one large circle and two smaller ones - around the village, and like Stonehenge, no one really knows their true meaning. However, it's suspected that Avebury was used for rituals and ceremonies, and today the area still has religious importance to Pagans. Even though Avebury isn't widely known - I hadn't heard about it until Vic - it's still owned and managed by the National Trust and is part of a World Heritage Site. A lot of significance and history in this teeny tiny town in Wiltshire.

We weren't in Avebury very long, maybe 20 or 30 minutes. By this time we were really excited to get to Stonehenge. But I'm still glad Vic took us by here and opened our eyes to this area of English countryside. Stonehenge is famous the world over, but it isn't the only place with these fascinating and mysterious stones. This entire area that we explored with Vic has significance and meaning, and I'm glad we were able to see it.

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