August 8, 2014

1000 Places: Salisbury Cathedral

We ended our day with Vic where we started our day, in Salisbury. The final place we wanted to see before boarding our train back to London was Salisbury Cathedral.
This cathedral is a giant centerpiece for the town of Salisbury; its steeple can be seen towering over the hills surrounding the town. It's just huge. I only have a few pictures where I actually managed to get the whole steeple in the picture because it's just that massive. Unfortunately, we got to the cathedral at the end of the day, and the visiting hours had ended, so we weren't able to go inside and see the interior of the cathedral. But we were still able to see the courtyard. We only spent about 20 minutes here because we were trying to catch our train (which we ended up missing, so we had to wait another hour for the next one), but it was 20 minutes well spent, and it was icing on top of the cake for this beauty-filled day with Vic.

33/1000 places

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