August 29, 2014

1000 Places: Leeds Castle

Yesterday, I said Blenheim Palace was one of my top two favorite palaces/castles that we visited. Leeds Castle is the other half of that top two. I loved this castle. It's majestic, and it reminded of castles from the medieval era.

Another aspect of Leeds Castle that I loved was that we were able to explore the entire inside of the castle. All of the royal palaces and castles that we visited only allowed us to tour through designated areas while the rest was inaccessible. Leeds Castle, on the other hand, was fully open for us to view, which really allowed to see what this castle was like. We also liked the gift shop - probably because I got a dragon wine guzzler (which I'll show you whenever I put together a home tour post), and my mom got flavored vodka. They had a vodka tasting while we were there actually, so you can imagine...

I typically don't like taking photos of room interiors (or inside museums) simply because the photos never turn out well. The lighting is usually poor, and these photos just aren't interesting to me. But I loved the inside of Leeds Castle so much that I had to share a couple photos with y'all. This ceiling, for starters, is divine. I'd love to have a detailed ceiling like this in my own home if only more understated. And I loved how each room was decorated; the room below was like a dining/conference room.

36/1000 places

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