August 22, 2014

1000 Places: Canterbury Cathedral

Another day, another check mark in my big book of everywhere. That seemed to be a big theme of mine and my mom's English adventure.
One big reason I wanted to go to Canterbury was to see Canterbury Cathedral, and it did not disappoint. This cathedral was massive, and the architectural design was simply magnificent. When walking inside, the cathedral seemed to go on for miles with the way the interior was designed. Such an incredible sight to see. I was in such awe that I barely noticed the many French school groups touring the cathedral. (Canterbury is pretty close to the English channel, so a lot of French schools come here for field trips.)

Canterbury Cathedral was one of my favorite cathedrals that we visited. Inside and outside, the entire cathedral was a sight to see. We happened to be visiting during construction, which was being done to help restore and preserve the stained glass and one side of the cathedral. It was great to see people working to take care of this beauty, and it was a bonus that there were informational signs posted to explain what construction was being done and for what reasons. It seems so minor, and construction for most people would probably be an eyesore, but it made me so happy to see that people want to keep this cathedral around for years to come, and they were working to make it happen.

34/1000 places

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