August 28, 2014

1000 Places: Blenheim Palace

Grand. Expansive. Dramatic. These are all words to describe Blenheim Palace. When you think of a palace - a home to royalty - Blenheim Palace is exactly what you imagine. This palace is so jaw-dropping. It's beautiful. I always thought I'd make a darling queen in a future life, but I think I'd prefer to be a Duchess of Marlborough just so I can call Blenheim Palace my own.

Just to give you an idea of how huge this palace is, the photo above was taken in panoramic mode on my iPhone just so I got could get the majority of the palace in the frame. I think the only way to get the entire palace in one shot would be from above in a helicopter. It's massive. And the grounds... I think we were here for four or five hours, and we weren't able to see half of the estate. Do you realize how big this place is yet?!

I loved visiting Blenheim Palace. Out of all the palaces/castles we visited, Blenheim Palace is one of my top two favorites. I wish I had realized how much there was to see so we could have alloted more time for our visit. If and when you do visit Blenheim Palace, get there early, and stay all day so you can see the entirety of the estate. There's a restaurant at the palace, so you wouldn't have to leave once you got there. There are also two different tours inside the palace - an interactive experience and a traditional walk-through. I'd suggest skipping the interactive portion called "Untold Stories." I thought it was a little cheesy, and the forty minutes it takes would be better used exploring the grounds.

 I said above that we were only able to see a small part of what the grounds had to offer. But that small part included the rose garden, which was so, so pretty. If the rest of the grounds are as beautiful as the rose garden, then I assure you that it's all worth seeing.

35/1000 places

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