August 4, 2014

1000 Places: Bath

After spending our morning at Stourhead Gardens, we ventured to the town of Bath. Y'all, this town was so charming and full of character I could barely stand it.
I wanted to dig it up and take the whole town home with me. It reminded me a lot of Salzburg, which means I was instantly transported back to my time studying abroad a couple years ago. I've said it many times that studying abroad is by far one of my most treasured experiences, so visiting Bath was a reminder of just how special it was to be somewhere this beautiful. I could have easily spent a week here and not gotten sick of it.

All the buildings are built with white stone, so the entire town stands out from the green, rolling hills surrounding it. It also makes for a pretty standout view as you're driving toward the town. I wish I had gotten a picture of the glimpse we had of Bath while driving in. It literally caused me to gasp. I was in awe. We spent a couple hours here - enough to tour the Roman baths and have lunch at a little cafe next Bath Abbey. We also found a killer fudge shop from which we did not leave empty-handed. Like I said, I wish we could have spent more time here because it was just that quaint and charming. Whenever you visit London, or even England in general, make a point to spend at least one full day in Bath. This town deserves your attention.

31/1000 places

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