July 28, 2014

Vic's Taxi

If I had decided to organize my England posts based on favorite days rather than chronologically, my photos from our private tour with Vic's Taxi would have been the very first photos I'd have shown you. This day is a standout in my many memories from England, and I'm thrilled to finally share this day with you through the posts coming up this week.

I found Vic and his taxi service when I was researching ways to visit Stonehenge; people had posted several positive comments in a forum I was looking at. Wanting to see as much as possible during our time in England, I emailed Vic, and after communicating back and forth I booked a private tour with him for my mom and I. Not going to lie, my mom was so nervous about this tour in the days and weeks leading up to it. We had never really gone about doing things this way. We were much more used to doing things on our own or with your typical, touristy tour group. But I assured her that everything would be fine, and to prove me right, Vic gave us an amazing experience. He was friendly, informative, and had plenty of stories about his personal life to share. We felt so welcomed by him and nothing short of comfortable during our tour. I was beyond pleased with him and my decision to book with him versus a tour group. There is no way a tour group would have been able to show us as many places or share as much information as Vic. It truly was perfect.

As for the pictures, all of the ones in this post were taken while we were driving through the English countryside, which is gorgeous by the way. I couldn't get over the lush rolling hills or how lucky we were to have such perfect weather. Driving, alone, was a site in and of itself.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you might recognize this building. This is where Harry, Ron, and Hermoine learned to ride their brooms in the first movie.

The White Horses are big identifiers for the county of Wiltshire. These large figures were carved into the chalk hills 300 years ago and were designed to be seen from far away. Eight horses are still visible while 14 total have been discovered.

This isn't the best picture of Silbury Hill that you could see, but trust me when I say it's big. (Feel free to google it to find some better images.) It's the largest man-made mound in Europe. It was built around 2400 BC and compares in height and volume to the Egyptian pyramids. Across the road is a large field that holds a burial site dating back to the Neolithic age - photos shown below. We stopped here briefly on our way to Avebury.

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