July 14, 2014

Prince of Wales

I shared on Saturday about our flat that we called home while in London, but our flat wasn't the only thing that made us feel welcomed while overseas. Prince of Wales, a local pub, was a huge part of our trip, and it's the backdrop of many wonderful memories during our time in England.
We passed it several times walking to and from the Tube station, and after three or four days we decided to drop in and give it a try. After that, the rest is history. My mom and I went to Prince of Wales every day for the rest of our trip. They even gave us a 20% off coupon that we were able to use each night. The staff was beyond kind to us, and we loved having "our place" to visit after long days.

The foodies out there might be thinking why on Earth would we visit the same place when there are so many local places to have a meal. Why not be adventurous, right? But in all honesty, my mom and I aren't huge on trying tons of new foods. (And it didn't help that my mom had some strange allergic reaction our first day.) It's just one of those things that's hard for us to venture out of our comfort zones. But we still had traditional, English meals. We just had them at the same pub around the same people. We made friends with locals, and I think that's a huge positive to take away from our experience. We loved this pub and the people we met there. It'll always be one of our fondest memories from London.

Prince of Wales
14 Lillie Road, London, England
The closest Tube station is West Brompton. Take a left out of the station, and Prince of Wales is on your right.

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