July 10, 2014

Camden Markets

On our first full day in London, my mom and I took the Tube up to the Camden Markets and winded our way through mazes of people, clothing stalls, and food vendors.
To say I was overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement. I knew the markets were a popular attraction among locals and tourists, but I was not expecting there to be so much going on. Everywhere you turn there is something to look at, to smell, and to make you want to take it home. It was far from my expectations, but I enjoyed it all the same. I wish my mom and I had been expecting this type of action so we could have enjoyed the areas we loved more. Like the food vendors - they were everywhere, and I wish we hadn't eaten lunch before diving in to the big crowds surrounding them. I also wish we didn't have to fly back home because there were so many cute clothes and unique souvenirs that I easily could have bought had I not had to worry about a weight limit for my suitcase.

I also wish I had taken better pictures. These few photos don't even begin to explain the energy and activity of this part of London. The Camden Markets are the exact definition of what intimidates me most when taking pictures - large crowds whizzing by you and people doing everything they can to sell you something. (Thank God for the Starbucks we found that helped to calm my introverted nerves.) I find myself keeping my camera down when I really should just snap away and not worry about drawing attention to myself. Who cares if I'm a tourist, right?


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