July 30, 2014


Dim lighting and no tripod make for blurry pictures.
It bums me out, too, because I really like these pictures and so wish they turned out clear and in focus. But, you know, I still like them. There's beauty in imperfect photos, so I'm still sharing them. These were taken while my mom and I were wandering around Stourhead Gardens, which I'll show you more of on Friday. I loved that place, just saying. (It's also one of my 1000 places.) The photo above was taken among these really big, cool-looking trees, and the photos below were taken in our favorite part of the gardens - the grotto. We were the only ones in the grotto despite there being other people walking around the gardens, so we were able to really take it in and enjoy it. I've also decided I want a grotto as part of my future house.

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