July 9, 2014

1000 Places: London

Finally getting around to sharing mine and my mom's amazing English adventure! This was such a special trip for so many reasons. We were celebrating my college graduation. We were out of the country. We were having true mother-daughter time. So many memories were made that I won't forget, and I'm so happy that this little idea that my mom and I thought of over a year ago actually became a reality.

My mom and I spent two weeks exploring London and the surrounding countryside, and I'm excited to finally share our experience with y'all. It's taken me longer than I thought to get these posts going, but it's only because I haven't wanted to admit that I'm really back home just yet. (And maybe I've still been traveling around - albeit much closer to home - and I'm just now getting time to really go through my pictures and figure out what I want to say.) But here they are! The beginning pictures from an incredible mother-daughter vacation. And with London comes another check mark in my big, giant book of everywhere in the world, which I plan to wear out over the years.

1 My mom and I while riding in the London Eye // 2 While wandering through the Camden Markets // 3 Carousel at South Bank // 4 Tower of London // 5 Tower Bridge // 6 King's Cross Station // 7 Our home away from home - the street where we stayed for our two weeks in England // 8 Trafalgar Square // 9 Big Ben from across the Thames // 10 Changing of the Guards in front of Buckingham Palace // 11 The London Eye // 12 Typical tourist pose at the gates of Kensington Palace

29/1000 places

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