June 16, 2014

The Whole Fam Damily

One of the best parts about my graduation wasn't necessarily having my name called as I walked across the stage or the freedom that came with finally being done with school. For me, having my family there with me to celebrate this moment is what really made my graduation a true joy.

For my whole life, I've never lived close to my family. My grandparents were always in the same town, but my aunts and uncle were always much farther away. Everyone was between a 5 and 13 hour drive from us, so it's always been special when everyone manages to get in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, my uncle and his wife and kids weren't able to make it, but the rest of the family was there, and I loved being able to see them if only for a couple days.

My stepdad, Mark, and my mom
My Uncle Dave, Aunt Kim, and cousin, Alex
I still can't believe I really graduated. It's been a month, yet I'm still kinda fascinated that I'm really done. I've been in school since, you know, pre-K, so the fact that the end has actually come and gone is just strange. But even with my mind being kinda unsure of what to do next, I'm just glad to know that I have such an awesome family by my side supporting me every step of the way. And I'm so happy I was able to celebrate with them.


  1. what a selfish, ungrateful, piece of shit you are


    words and music by Helen V. Frederick

    VERSE 1

    she's a money hungry reptile with a big appetite

    giving your bank account a dreadful bite

    flash a fake smile as she sucks you dry

    thinks she's sneaky, slick, and sly

    solo in the nest doesn't make her the best

    still gotta compromise along with the rest

    the little taker never learned to give

    so the lap of luxury will be short lived



    she's a lonely bitter snake slithering through your town

    you know her venom is sure to bring you down

    selfish to the core a true ingrate

    better watch out for the lonely bitter snake


    VERSE 2

    joked about grandma cause she was sick

    sank so slow as to call her a dick

    said her dad was a sorry excuse of a man

    making him miserable like only she can

    provided with all she could ever need

    family should always come before greed

    no entitlement is headed her way

    time to learn how to earn her own pay

    ** CHORUS


    joined a sisterhood cause she had no friends

    then ofwealth had to come to an end

    her mama really did lead her astray

    thinking "it's all gonna be mine someday"

    obnoxious disgusting disrespectful and rude

    girl it's time to change your attitude

    out of our testaments we all did take

    leaving a broke bitter snake

    ** CHORUS

    ©Precious Productions, LLC - 2014