June 11, 2014

London Countdown: 2 Days

It's almost time!!

Changing of the guards via TripAdvisor
Just two more days until my mom and I take off for our long-awaited mother/daughter trip to London! I really meant to do more of these "Countdown" posts since I first announced we were going, but life has been incredibly busy, and I just never got around to getting posts up. But trust me when I say my mom and I are beyond excited to fly across the pond!

Like I said back in April, we have been planning this trip for a year now, so the excitement and suspense has built up so much that it's almost unbearable. I'm so anxious to board that plane and just get this trip started. My suitcase has been packed for six days now just to give you an idea of how ready I am to go. We have so much that we want to see and do, and I'm just hoping it will all happen and that it will be just as amazing as I've imagined it to be.

I've scheduled a couple posts while we're off exploring for the next two weeks, and if I have time I'm hoping to make some posts from London, too. For now, I'm off to figure out what I'm going to bring in my carry-on and daydream about all the joy that is about to come my way! If you have any advice, tips, must-sees, or anything to share about London, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from y'all!

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