June 18, 2014


Some Instagrams from the beginning of June. Even though I've been on the go a ton lately, I've still managed to carve out some time to just relax at home, and it's been a blessing.

Beach days are the best days!

 L: Teaching myself how to cook - beef sirloin kabobs with caesar salad and french bread. R: Pretty flowers in the landscaping at my house.

L: Visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island while I was home. R: I won't be able to take everything with me when Bryan and I move to Knoxville, so I went through my closet and donated a ton of old clothes.

Beautiful sky after a thunderstorm in Atlanta. It was neon orange; this picture doesn't do it justice. Apparently there was also a rare nighttime double rainbow, but I didn't see it. 

How's your summer going?

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