May 19, 2014

Southern Not State

He graduated!

Major congrats to this guy! Bryan graduated last weekend from Georgia Southern University with his Bachelor's Degree in chemistry. Even though we go (went?!) to different schools, we got lucky and had our graduations on separate days, so we're able to see each other walk across the stage.

After the ceremony, Bryan and his roommates had a get-together for their families at their house complete with catered barbeque and ice cold beverages. Even though it was incredibly hot, I could not have been any happier with day and to watch Bryan become an alumnus of GSU. A week later (as in this past Saturday), we celebrated both of our graduations by jumping out of a plane which I'll tell you all about later this week.

Huge congrats to Bryan on graduating and for being accepted to grad school! What a huge accomplishment!

Bryan and his roommates after the ceremony
L to R: Chris, Bryan, Blake, Jay, David, and Dan
Congratulations once again, my Georgia Southerners!

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