April 21, 2014

Antigua or St Lucia?

Where should we go?

Believe it or not, Bryan and I have an amazing opportunity to travel to the Caribbean for a 4-day/3-night luxury vacation sponsored by Sandals! Bryan won the trip by entering a radio contest with Q100 in Atlanta. And wouldn't you know I'm interning with Q100 until the end of April, but after jumping through a lot of hoops and keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I am allowed to accompany Bryan as his guest on the trip. Talk about luck! 

But with a big reward comes a lot of big decisions - like choosing our destination. I know, woe is me, right? But even though this is a wonderful dilemma to have, Bryan and I are having a hard time deciding where we want to go, so here I am reaching out to the Blogosphere for some guidance.

We get to choose between the Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, St Lucia, and Barbados/Grenada. I'm not sure why Barbados and Grenada are combined since they are both their own island, but they are. We've narrowed the destinations down to Antigua and St Lucia for a couple reasons. 
1) I have already been to the Bahamas. 
2) The Bahamas and Jamaica are bigger and both have so much more to see and do. Since we'll only be there for four days, we (more like I) don't want to feel pressured to cram a bunch in to a smaller time frame. 
3) The Bahamas is SO easy to get to, and I feel like Jamaica is as well. These are both destinations we can visit in the future on our own whereas the other locations are a little more difficult. 
4) We've gotten mixed feelings about Barbados/Grenada from our friends and family, so we feel like it's a better idea to go somewhere that everyone would love.

That leaves us with Antigua and St Lucia, and we have no idea which one to choose! We're looking for a more relaxing and romantic beach getaway, but we're also wanting to have something more to see than sand and surf. I, personally, would like to spend a little bit of time away from the Sandals Resort, even if it means we have to spend some of our own money, just so that we leave feeling like we've really experienced our island of choice. From the little research we've done so far, this is what we're finding.



Antigua seems like the perfect beach vacation. The island is known for its shores, and there isn't a ton to see outside of water activities like snorkeling and wave frolicking. There is some history here since the island was once used as a British naval base, so there would be some sites for us to explore, but Bryan and I aren't big history buffs so I'm sure we could check them out pretty quickly. Other than that though, I'm not seeing much outside of the beach, which is our main focus, so Antigua is really pulling me in her direction. If we spent most of our time at the Sandals Resort, I don't feel like we would be missing a whole lot of action on the rest of the island.

St Lucia

And then there's St Lucia... As soon as Bryan told me he had won this trip my mind immediately went to St Lucia. It's a Caribbean island that has always stuck out a little more to me than most, so knowing that this island was up for the picking made me really excited. The great thing about St Lucia is her landscape is much more like the islands of the Pacific than the rest of the Caribbean. She has volcanos and rain forests, which are obviously not something you see every day here on the East Coast. But with the landscape comes more to do than just hanging out on the beach. We could drive into the active volcano on the island (yes, it's called the drive-in volcano), see the Pitons (which are in my "1000 Places to See Before You Die" book), and visit some hot springs. However, St Lucia is known a little more for hiking, which isn't my favorite thing to do, but at the same time it would be so cool to spend our days on an island so different from what we're used to. We're looking mostly for relaxing beach days though, so would St Lucia really give us what we want without leaving much more to the imagination once we leave?

So what do we do?

We obviously have some questions to consider before choosing our destination - not just where to go but also how much of our own money we'd be willing to spend, which place would be least affected by a hurricane in case one comes by during our stay and just weather in general, and what activities are we wanting to do while there. Bryan and I would love your help to make this decision a little easier, so if you have any advice or preference or anything, please offer it in the comments below. We'd love to hear it!

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  1. I am all about the beach and just relaxing. On a paid trip like this I would just hang at the resort and enjoy. So I would pick Antigua.