April 30, 2014

InstaLately: Spring Semester Edition

I know I've been absent pretty much since the start of the year, but hopefully these snapshots from my Instagram will make up for it and explain what I've been up to all semester.

Bryan and I had a dinner & bowling Valentine's date.

April 21, 2014

Antigua or St Lucia?

Where should we go?

Believe it or not, Bryan and I have an amazing opportunity to travel to the Caribbean for a 4-day/3-night luxury vacation sponsored by Sandals! Bryan won the trip by entering a radio contest with Q100 in Atlanta. And wouldn't you know I'm interning with Q100 until the end of April, but after jumping through a lot of hoops and keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I am allowed to accompany Bryan as his guest on the trip. Talk about luck! 


April 14, 2014

60 Days

Exactly one month from today I will graduate from college (yes, I'm terrified), and then exactly one month later my mom and I will be boarding our flight to...

London, England
Holy crap, y'all!