March 4, 2014

The Return

I think the past almost month and a half has been the longest break I've taken from my blog. I never meant to go this long without posting, but sometimes a person just needs a break from everything. If I'm going to be totally candid, I haven't been myself lately. I've been down in the dumps and had a general feeling of unhappiness pretty much since the start of the year, and I've had an incredibly hard time digging myself out of this massive rut. I wouldn't even say I'm out of it yet. It's just not been the 2014 I had been hoping for. But I am trying to find ways to cheer myself up and just be more positive, and I appreciate any of you who are still tuning in to my little space of the Internet after such a long absence.

One thing I know has caused me a lot of hardship lately has been the entire month of February. To be frank, it's been a nightmare from hell...

If you live in America, you know about the polar vortex, which by the way sounds straight out of a sci-fi film, that has plagued the east coast. And if you know about the polar vortex, you probably heard about the snow storm that hit Atlanta at the very end of January. Unfortunately, I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who were directly and negatively affected by the wrath of the winter weather. As much as I would love to rant about the way the city handled the weather, I'll spare you my venting. Rather, I'll just let you know what happened to me.

I went into my internship on Tuesday morning at 10, and the snow started to fall while I was there. My supervisor let me leave an hour early to get home. It should have been a 20-minute or so drive, but instead it took me two hours to drive the 16 miles from my internship back to my exit. And to top it off I still needed to go to the store as I was completely out of food, and I needed to get gas in my car as I was on E with the light on. As frustrating as those couple hours were, I am so thankful I left my internship when I did. Had I waited the extra hour and left my internship at 1, I would have been one of those people that had to leave my car on the side of the interstate and hike to the nearest warm building for the night.

I was literally 30 seconds from my apartment - walking distance honestly - and that's when it happened. Some (insert many adjectives I won't say aloud) woman decided to hit me head-on. I was devastated to say the very least. As much as I want to vent on and on about this woman, I won't. But just know that if I were Santa, I wouldn't even give her coal for Christmas this year. I've never encountered someone so self-absorbed and just plain stupid in my entire life.

After a couple days of being stuck in my apartment and patiently waiting for my stepdad to help me take care of everything involving this wreck, I finally got a rental car, aka a bright red hamster box that a smoker had rented before me. Not only had I lost my beloved Honda, but I was stuck in the most obnoxious and embarrassing vehicle on the planet. Now, I'm grateful I was able to get a rental car at all, but come on! A Kia Soul?! REALLY?! And then I got sick two different times in the week following the wreck, so that's lovely...

AND THEN! Another snow storm came! But this time I was overly cautious. When I woke up and saw giant snowflakes falling from the sky, I immediately called out of my internship and bundled myself up in my cozy apartment for the rest of the week. But dang did I cringe every time I looked out the window and saw white...

For the record, the picture above was taken Wednesday morning when I first woke up. By Wednesday afternoon it was basically all melted except for parts of my complex that are mostly shaded throughout the day. That's Georgia weather for you.

And finally, for all that is Good and Holy, after the longest, most miserable month of my life, the keys to my new car are finally in my hand, and this new Honda is so fully appreciated! It's been a hell hole, this past month. State Farm and Enterprise have been awful to deal with and just so inconsiderate to my situation, which I really don't appreciate considering I didn't cause this problem to begin with. I've been in a rental for weeks longer than I needed to be because I was told my car could be repaired when it was really totaled; I've been taken advantage of and charged unfairly by morally unsound people. It's been the absolute worst. But thank God that it's all almost over. Now that I have my car, we just have to deal with some final financial issues, and then all of this will be in the past. Thank God for my mom and stepdad helping me get through this process.

I can't say enough how much the month of February has just killed my spirit. That's why I've been gone for so long. There's no fun in blogging when you're miserable and all you want to do is cry and complain, and I know that's no fun to read either. But now that the majority of this awful problem has been handled, I feel like I can start focusing more on myself and the things that make me happy. I'm so tired of feeling like I can't catch a break, of continuously feeling knocked down. I hate it. And with spring right around the corner - at least I hope (COME ON, SPRING! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HURRY UP!) - I think it's about time I start being more proactive about my attitude and making an effort to just be happy. If the weather would just get warmer I think it would help my mood tenfold, but until that happens I just have to make the most of what I'm being given right now.

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