December 13, 2013


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First of all, I just want to say that I am SO IRRITATED with myself right now! I brought my camera home with me, but I forgot to bring its battery charger. And naturally, the battery died basically as soon as I turned on my camera. So annoying! So for the holidays, I'm only going to be able to provide iPhone quality pictures. I apologize, y'all. I had good intentions of taking high-quality photos, but unless I can figure out a way to charge my battery it's just not going to happen. Woe is me, right?

Anyway, as I was checking in with my favorite blogs the other day I came across a post about Christmas trees - specifically how they're decorated. And I started thinking about my own tree and how its evolved over the years.

As a child, my mom and I decorated our tree to its full capacity. We have tons and tons of Disney  ornaments - the classic characters, the princesses, the villians...we have them all. And we have the entire Sesame Street cast, too. And Barney. And then there's all the handmade ornaments - the ones I made in school, a handful of ones from my classmates, and about a billion with my name branded on them. We also have an assortment of miscellaneous ornaments like ones my mom had before I was born, "baby's first Christmas," and things like that. And to top off the ornaments, we had colored lights, some of which blinked. And we had garland.

But the older I got, the less ornaments made it to the tree. I mean, don't get me wrong, plenty of ornaments still hung on our trees' branches, but instead of forcing all the ornaments whether they fit or not, we stopped once the tree was basically full.

And now, here I am - a 22-year-old college senior - and our tree has changed immensely since I left the nest. This year, for instance, we have barely any of our Disney ornaments on the tree. It's all about our sentimental ornaments - the ones I made growing up, the ones my mom has had since before I can remember, the ones with my name. My mom also has a growing collection of new ornaments that are a little more sophisticated and "grown up." We also have a ton of gold bells and red and gold branches scattered throughout our tree. And probably the biggest change is that this year we have white lights instead of colored lights.

And I can only imagine how the tree will evolve in years to come when I'm not home for as long over the holidays. My mom is talking about wanting to put a bow on the top instead of an angel (please no). I think she's really wanting to have a more sophisticated and pretty tree, like the giant trees you see in hotel lobbies and banks, rather than a hodge-podge one. It's like as I've grown up so has our tree, and I enjoy seeing how our tree, and even our outside decorations, evolve every year.

How do you decorate your tree?
Leave me a comment; I'd love to know!

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