December 31, 2013

InstaLately: Holiday Edition

Thanksgiving Break
L: Charlie loves to get into trouble. // R: Supporting our Buckeyes when they played (and beat) the team up north

A weekend in Statesboro before heading home for the holidays
L: The awesome beagle shirt Bryan bought me // R: Tacky Christmas sweater party

Prince Charlie loves to relax.

Two of My Favorite Things
L: Red wine // R: Buncha Crunch, aka the most difficult snack to find

Holiday Food!
L: Baking peanut blossoms with my mom // R: Eating oysters with my stepbrother and stepdad

L: Me and my mom on Christmas morning wearing our festive sweaters // R: Charlie with whipped cream on his face - typical

Happy New Year's Eve!

It's the last day of the year. Can you believe it?! Just wanted to give y'all a small glimpse into what my holidays looked like. I really enjoyed being home for almost a full month and spending so much time with my family. I'll be graduating in May and starting my life as an independent adult, so who knows if I'll ever be able to spend this much time at home, especially over the holidays, ever again. And trust me, that's super hard to admit. Family is priceless. Nothing can ever compare to spending time and making memories with the ones you love and who love you the most. It's a precious thing, and it's something that my family, in particular, is realizing in a big way right now. My grandma isn't doing well at all; it's "that time" if you know what I mean. There are no words to describe how it feels to be waiting to lose a loved one. It's simply terrible. But if anything good is to be seen right now it's that my family is a rock of love and support. And that is something to thank God for and to be celebrated.

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer considering the new year is coming and this time is supposed to be festive, but any prayers and well wishes would be greatly appreciated right now. Even though my 2013/2014 transition isn't the best, I truly and deeply hope you all have a wonderful new year and that you realize how blessed you are. Just being able to read this post is a blessing.

I'll be taking the rest of the week off from posting - I'll be out of town - and next week, spring semester is starting, so I'm sure posts will be somewhat sporadic. But once I get through the new year and into the groove of things it will be business as usual on S.S. Jess.

A very happy new year to you all!

Photos via Instagram: jfreddie

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  1. Happy New Year and I will for sure keep your family in my prayers :)