October 29, 2013

Virgin America

Written by: Jessie

I was browsing through Mashable again, and I came across this article about Virgin America's new on-board safety video. I've heard a small mention of this video by someone somewhere recently, but I was never too curious enough to actually watch it. But then I saw the article and figured I'd see what the tiny fuss was about. And am I so glad I did?!

For anyone who has taken an airplane, you all know about the boring safety video and instructions before take-off. Apparently, Virgin America knows how boring safety is, too. So to spice things up, the airline created this music video to grab flyers' attention.

I really love that Virgin America is using new media to make uninteresting yet necessary information fun and exciting. Music videos have been around for a while, but for the longest time they only applied to songs by music artist. Recently, the music video has taken on a new meaning. Instead of being a visual element to an audio track, music videos are now being used for advertisements, to document engagement proposals, and now to create safety instructional videos.

Personally, I'm loving this creative twist that Virgin America has created. It's exciting, fresh, and considering my mom and I are planning a very special trip next summer, it's making me super pumped to board our plane.

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