October 15, 2013

Taking Stock

I used to use Photo Booth, like, all the time. I have so many photos from days/months/years past, but for some reason I just don't really use it anymore. I think my most recent picture is from this past spring. I guess I'm just growing out of the selfie stage. Who knows? And I touch on this because I needed a picture for this post, and I really don't have any random pictures, so here is this one from last year I believe.

My mom has been getting on me about not posting very often (she is my biggest fan and most loyal reader), and a lot of that comes from not really knowing what to blog about. I've also been busy with school and the activities of life, so whenever I get a chance to blog I'd much rather just lay on my couch watching reality television using my mind as little as possible. I guess it's not a great excuse, but it's the truth. In fact, I've been so distant from blogging that I let my bloglovin' roll go for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! I had over 200 unread posts from my favorite bloggers. But I'm all caught up now, and I'm feeling a little more inspired to get back to posting more often. Hopefully I can.

I'm going to try to be more creative and open on my blog. I feel like I'm overly guarded about what I post, and consequently I feel like y'all don't really know me as a person. I want to change that. So here's to being more transparent! To start, I've seen the following list floating around the blogosphere (notably at The Daybook and Anticipation via Meet Me At Mikes), and I've decided to give my input. So here goes...

Making: so many notes in my planner. I've gotten in the habit of writing things down.
Cooking: Let's be honest, I don't cook. I've been eating out for the past month. Oops...
Drinking: lots of hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes. And water when I'm absolutely dying.
Reading: assignment guidelines on assignment guidelines. I can't wait for December when I'll have time to read for fun.
Wanting: a source of income.
Looking: for the perfect, long side table to put against my empty living room wall.
Playing: TLC in the background. 19 Kids and Counting is on right now.
Wasting: too much time on social media when I could be doing much more meaningful things. Typical 21-year-old.
Wishing: for frequent flier miles. I want to travel, y'all. And I want to be able to afford it.
Enjoying: the smoothness of this semester.
Waiting: for the end of the month when my mom comes to visit.
Liking: the weather right now. It's cooling down, and I actually don't mind for once.
Wondering: where my life will lead after graduation. It's creeping up. I can feel it.
Loving: the fact that I'm making awesome grades this semester.
Hoping: for a little more patience in my life.
Marveling: at how close I am to graduation. Just seven more months...
Needing: a trip home. I miss my family, my dog, and the Georgia coast so much.
Smelling: my Yankee Candle - autumn wreath.
Wearing: a big t-shirt and tube socks. I'm always overly comfortable when I'm home.
Following: my heart a little bit more.
Noticing: my flaws and working to change them - or at least not let them overpower my positives.
Thinking: more and more about what I want to do with my life career-wise.
Feeling: excited for my 22nd birthday in less than a month!
Opening: my ears and closing my mouth. I'm trying to listen more and talk less.
Giggling: at Maymo and Penny

So I excluded a couple things, like sewing. I definitely don't sew. But I hope this gives you a little more insight into the girl behind the blog, and if you feel so inclined - fill this list out for yourself. It really makes you think, and it's fun.

Happy Tuesday!

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