October 30, 2013


I've been doing a lot of froyo lately. I'm a big fan of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, and cookie dough chunks topped on a vanilla-esque froyo.

L: Spending class time on Kennesaw Mountain // R: A cup of hot chocolate makes class so much easier

L: Me and Bryan before leaving my apartment. Yes, I tied his bow tie. // R: Me and one of our new members, Lauren.

Weekend trip to Statesboro
L: Only in Georgia will you see a truck towing three donkeys in a makeshift trailor // R: Georgia Southern football game - Go Eagles!

With our up-and-coming football program comes a live owl mascot. Welcome to the black and gold, Sturgis.

I love my alone time in my apartment - especially when I have fall candles to smell and a trip in the works.

For my digital media production class, my group decided we should film our mock news story project at Petland. Terrible idea, y'all! Terrible idea. All I did was play with puppies for like, three hours.

L: The one day this semester I attempted to look mildly decent // R: The mock newsletter I designed in my organizational publication class

Soccer game!

All photos via Instagram // jfreddie


  1. aww, love those puppies and your nautical inspired outfit. Also, very cute blog!

    - zozo