October 21, 2013


REUNION A couple weekends ago I headed down to Statesboro, not just to see Bryan, but to also see my favorite group of people - Berlin study abroad summer 2012. Yep, another Berlin reunion over year after first meeting each other!

I can't believe we've stayed in contact after all this time, and when we get together it's like nothing has changed. We really did have the best group of people on our trip. They are the reason my experience in Germany was so special. Without them, I can't imagine studying abroad would have been near as fun and enjoyable. Of course, there is always a couple of people who can't make it to the reunions, but I assure you they are greatly missed. We spent the entire weekend together reminiscing on last summer and making more memories that will resurface in the future. I love being able to see this group. They are some of the greatest people I have ever met, and I can't wait for the next time we're reunited.

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