October 10, 2013

10 Instagram Clichés You Really Should Retire

Written by: Jessie

So I was browsing Mashable, and I came across this article - 10 Instagram Clichés You Should Retire. Obviously the first thing I thought was, "Gee, I wonder how many of these I've commited" because let's be honest, I am all about a good Instagram cliché. 

So come to find out, there is an Instagram account called Satiregram, which basically parodies all the pictures found on Instagram. Some of them were kinda funny (as in the few I'm showing y'all), but for the most part I thought the article and the Instagram account were a little misleading. I feel like a lot of the examples I saw on the account weren't necessarily clichés and can't be applied to the entirety of Instagram users.

So in the spirit of correcting this article a little bit, I've decided to offer my top 10 Instagram clichés you really should retire. Enjoy!

1. A picture of every meal you ever eat ever. Especially if you cooked it yourself and it looks less than appetizing. The only time a food picture should be posted is if you are visiting a local restaurant and trying to promote it or if the presentation is absolutely out of this world.
2. #ThrowbackThursday to a picture of you and your friend at the party from last Thursday night. Nope, doesn't count. #tbt should only be used on special occasions and of pictures from forever ago, like your childhood.
3. And while we're on the special days of the week, #ManCrushMonday and #WomanCrushWednesday have got to stop, too. Especially when it's a picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend every time. Just no.
4. A picture of your thighs when you're at the beach/pool. It's just not becoming. Feet, on the other hand, I totally support. As long as your feet/toes are well-kempt.
5. Selfies at the gym. If you are cute enough to take a selfie and post it on Instagram while working out, you're not working hard enough. And honestly, I really don't want to see that you're at the gym while I'm home stuffing my face with junk food.
6. Quotes and/or pictures that you didn't take. Instagram is supposed to be personal. If you want to post that other stuff, make a Tumblr or something.
7. Pictures of you drinking/smoking/doing illegal things. Again, just not becoming. Would you want your future employer to see that? Would you want your grandma to see that? If the answer is no, you probably shouldn't post it.
8. Screenshots of your text messages. I promise no one thinks your conversation is as funny as you think it is. It's kinda like parents who post millions of pictures of their kids. 
9. Sharing every photo you post to Twitter/Facebook. The purpose of having multiple social media accounts is to post different content on each account. If everything is the same across the board, what's the point?
10. Regramming every single giveaway/promo that you come across. Again, Instagram is supposed to be personal.

(And I am fully qualified to present this list because I'm guilty of almost all of them.)
*All photos from Satiregram on Instagram

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